Emmanuel Community School is a community of faith for educating
a new generation of leaders and citizens that will transform
Cambodia into an admirable and advance nation for the good of all mankind in accordance to God's will and purpose.


Emmanuel, God with us, hope to the nations,
Maker of all things in heaven and on earth.
Make us like Jesus
Always to serve and
Not to be served and to
Understand rather to be understood, to
Excel in studies, science, sports and in spirit so that we may
Love God and all people better. Amen

Our history


Semester one Feed back meeting
We are going to invite the parents to join our school's parents meeting will be on Sunday 30th April, 2017 from 8:00 to 10:30am

Our vacation will start from 6th April until 20 of April and the school will be start on 20 of April.


mid-term exam held for Grade 6 students. An officer sent from the Ministry of Education was present to assist with the invigilation.

Emmanuel Learning Foundation was duly registered as a local NGO with the Ministry of Interior


E-Learning class begun with 30 tablets for student use and 1 table for the instructor. Support comes from Mytab for the e-learning programs.


School term started with the first Grade 9 class of 8 students

Though 19 ECS students passed the Grade 6 exam last academic year there are now 27 students in Grade 7 – the 8 extra student intakes came from other primary schools

His excellency, Kouch Chamran, Governor of Mean Chey district, officially opened the primary school