Emmanuel Community School students are given the best
opportunity to learn and grow in body,mind and spirit.
We are continuing adding new program for the students
while improving on all our existing programs.


ECS is basically offering formal education from Kindergarten to secondary school
The kindergarten program at ECS produce kids with good characteristic manor in society and prepare them with reading and writing series them (Khmer & English Language), Science and Social study Units, Arts and Math in master mind.

The primary programs are the six years level which half day shift from grade one up to grade four and whole day from grade five up to grade six, we forming our students into strong foundation of core subjects and Extra Curriculum Activities(ECA) and prepare them to be outstanding students in Secondary School.

ECS’s Secondary students are the whole day course from grade seven up to grade nine; we are preparing them to be excellence in their natural gift, guiding their imagination into vision through music and arts, handicraft, sports and spiritual grow. We are pushing them be advanced learners through E-Learning and Technology.

Music & Arts

Music education prepares students to learn and readies students for learning by helping to develop their basic mental skills and capacities. Music instruction impacts learning in the following ways: Enhances fine motor skills, Prepares the brain for achievement, Fosters superior working memory and Cultivates better thinking skills to learn.

Art can play a key role in developing and nurturing creativity and imagination. ECS’s students would be fully creativeness and visionary.


Education is constantly changing and nowadays technology is being used in the classroom at ECS from grade five up to grade nine, we are training our students to be ready for the world up to date and advanced learners through technology.

Tablet Learning

To reinforce ECS’s students to learn faster and better, we are applying 30 tablets with 30 students per class with the purpose of using tablet to create equal learning platform in classroom, making education more convenient by tablet and be more cost-effective through E-Learning instead of physical books, journals and newspapers alone, the initial cost of deploying a tablet can be recovered.


Why are we applying sport in ECS’s curriculum?
-    To make fun and students can learn on how to work as a team
-    Inculcates discipline, they will learn how to set up goal in life and working harder to reach the goal.
-    Children learn life skills by accepting disappointment as part of life and learn how to handle defeat in a sober manner.
-    Success in academics, we are developing ECS’s students thinking into Strategic thinking, motor skills and math are mastered by playing sports.
-    Reduce drug abuse


Why are we applying Handicraft in ECS?
-    Train the eye and hand to habit of observation, looking closely and carefully at something.
-    Cultivate the artistic feeling to help cultivate the child’s sense of and appreciation for beauty.
-    Train in neatness, or good taste “Neatness is akin to order, but is not quite the same thing: it implies not only ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place,’ but everything in a suitable place, so as to produce a good effect; in fact, taste comes into play.
-    Train in manual dexterity for muscle memory.
-    Establish due relations with various materials.
-    Experience the pleasure of exact movements and the triumph of success.
-    Encourage productivity for future career.